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Fanning the Flames
Fanning the Flames
France and terrorism
President Saddam Hussein
Khalil Dulaimi, Esq.
Izzat Ibrihim Al Douri
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder



"condor"lezzy says: 
Russia we will forgive
   Germany we will ignore
        [especially the war crimes tribunal
            forming to try rumsfeld, et al.]
      and France we will punish

v. fanned, fanĚning, fans
v. tr.

  1. To move or cause a current of (air) with or as if with a fan.
  2. To direct a current of air or a breeze upon, especially in order to cool: fan one's face.
  3. To stir (something) up by or as if by fanning: fanned the flames in the fireplace; a troublemaker who fanned resentment among the staff. [Muslim community]

My mother used to call it "stirring the Sh_ _" and
my oldest brother did it constantly; so much so
that my mother took him straight to the judge,
an old  family friend, who told him "one more complaint and you're on your way to reform school" which for dubya is "off to the pokey."
As a USA taxpayer I strenuously object to my tax
dollars going to fund CIA rabblerousing in France
or anywhere else for that matter.

To Jack Chirac and Dom de Villepin

My own personal sympathy