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President Saddam Hussein
Fanning the Flames
France and terrorism
President Saddam Hussein
Khalil Dulaimi, Esq.
Izzat Ibrihim Al Douri
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Lawyers before summary execution of two

"What you spent years creating, 
  others destroyed overnight."

 Create again anyway.

Risking life and limb -- and summary execution
Lawyers being terrorized by kangaroo court


President Saddam Hussein

Defense attorney Khalil al-Dulaimi has insisted his team will not participate in the trial until a solution to protect its members is found. In the last month, two defense attorneys were killed.

Adil Muhammed al-Zubaidi, who represented former Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan, was fatally shot November 8 in an attack that left another lawyer wounded.

Sadoon Janabi, who represented Awad Hamad Bandar, the former chief judge of Hussein's Revolutionary Court, was kidnapped and fatally shot in the head October 20, a day after the trial began.

"terrorism" --
trying to scare Saddam
and his people
with kangaroo court threats
and summary

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